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Eplimo (Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification).                                                     

“Go for Keto Diet”, “No, no go for vegan diet”, “You should not have heavy exercises after 40”, “That’s all stupid, you should start high intensity interval training”, “You need to take protein  supplements”, “Hey, protein supplements will damage your kidney” Are you getting confused with all such advices? The truth is one mans food can be another man’s poison. It is important to personalize your diet plans, exercise plans, and even nutritional supplements. If you have an intention of Living Long and Staying Young explore this right now. 

Personalised Lifestyle Modification using Epigenetics (EPLIMO)

You are unique; not just because of your physical appearance or your thought process, but due to your genetic and metabolic profiles. Jumping into some diet plans or enrolling for some fitness programs without knowing your geno-metabolic profile can cause more damages than expected benefits. Personalised Lifestyle Management is the solution.  Highly personalized diet plans, personalized fitness plans and even personalized yoga and meditation based on a Geno-metabolic analysis is the way to go.


You take a VIEGENOME test, which is the most comprehensive genetic predisposition test available in the world which analyses more than 200 different health parameters.

Download the EPLIMO app and undergo a Detailed Metabolic Analysis.

Receive your Report followed by detailed Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification Plan created by our panel of Doctors, Geneticists, Nutritionists and Fitness experts.


The Gut-Brain Synergizers


The Free Radical Neutralizers

General Wellness

The Metabolic Balancers

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"I've been using products of SignatureLife and the results are very impressive"
Vijeesh V
Good product for managing stress and for good sleep. Highly recommeded.
Thank you so much 'The Signature Life' team for the great products and consultation services provided. I've had stress and sleeping problems on continues basis, and their products saved my life.
Rakesh N

Modify Your Lifestyle With The Help Of A Lifestyle Coach

Modify your lifestyle with the help of a certified lifestyle coaches for free… Lifestyle Coach helps you to maintain your diet and exercise with regular follow up by understading you and your body. And helps you to hack your own biology… 

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