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About - Signature Life

About Us

Your Better Health Starts Here

An extraordinary life starts with self-care “, and hence, ‘signature life’ was established two years earlier with an aim on enriching the lives through personalised health and wellness, and blending wellness through epigenetic lifestyle modification, which is the need of this era for a productive peak level performance in individuals. 

The promoters of signature life – ANOOP NAIR and VAIJA NAIR have been into health, wellness, yoga, the art of living from past 2 decades and it’s a dream come true for them in enhancing their passion.

VAIJA NAIR is a Certified Lifestyle Coach from ‘Viegyan Academy’. She is also handling fitness sessions and equipping lives with personalised diet modules.
Signature life is fortunate enough to be with ‘Vieroots Wellness Solutions’ which stands to create a society to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life, converging the power of science, technology and blending with modern and traditional concepts through EPLIMO – epigenetic lifestyle modification ( genetic predisposition test ), helping people to geno metabolic analysis and nutritional food supplements.

Thus, bring about the treasures of ancient science and modern technology, creating superhumans by igniting infinite potential, considering PURITY, SAFETY AND EFFICACY.